Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel and Where to Find Green Accommodation, Eco Cottages, and a Rainforest Retreat on the Sunshine Coast

As more and more people learn about the importance of practicing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, they increasingly seek out “green” travel options when planning holidays. Taking care of the planet is easy even when you’re on the road by following a few simple tips. No matter where you go, you can minimise your carbon footprint by:

Packing light

Whether you’re driving or flying, every bit of weight counts. For example, the more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces throughout the trip. Limit your luggage by bringing along only the essentials, and you’ll be helping the earth.

Avoiding plastic bags

One problem with travelling is that we tend to go for the easiest options, and that often includes plastic bags when it comes to transporting goods, shopping, toting dirty clothes, and the like. Plastic bags take a very long time to biodegrade and have a significant adverse impact on wildlife in many areas, including oceans. Whenever possible, bring reusable bags with you to keep your plastic use to a minimum.

Eschewing bottled water

As with plastic bags, plastic water bottles are a huge drain on our resources. These disposable containers make up a significant portion of the waste on our planet. Keep a refillable water bottle with you to cut down on waste – if everyone did this, the positive effects would be significant.

Take public transport

Choosing public transport whenever possible is a meaningful way to cut down on carbon emissions (unless, of course, you’re travelling by bicycle). Wherever you go, look for public transport options such as buses and trains, and take advantage of your hotel’s shuttle services, which take multiple people to the same place in one vehicle.

Plan to enjoy the local treats

Part of packing light is enjoying the local food and drinks rather than bringing your own with you. Besides, taking in the local offerings is a great way to immerse yourself in your new surroundings and truly experience another city, region, or country.

Choose eco accommodation on the Sunshine Coast

Make sure your holiday is as green as possible by choosing eco-friendly accommodation. You can further extend the benefits of eco cottages on the Sunshine Coast by treating them as if you were at home: not using clean towels every day, keeping your showers brief, and turning off lights and other fixtures when you leave the room.

At Clouds of Montville Eco Resort and Spa, we offer our guests a way to travel in luxury while still protecting the environment. Enjoy a rainforest retreat on the Sunshine Coast and discover the pure joy of waking up in our private rainforest cottages during your health retreat. Everything about this holiday is designed to help you take care of your body, mind, and soul, while protecting the planet. To learn more about our resorts in Montville and Maleny or book your stay, contact us now. We look forward to pampering you and helping you take an environmentally-friendly vacation.

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