Disc (frisbee) golf course!

At Clouds we have plenty of outdoor activities to occupy all types, all interests and all degrees of mobility and fitness. For those more active we have a Disc (frisbee) golf course - the object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.

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Bowling green.

There is also lawn bowls on our new all weather synthetic turn bowling green.

Mineral pool in a tropical setting.

Our swimming pool at Clouds has been upgraded to the latest Mineral Pool technology with the automatic dispensing of all the “good Minerals” that do not dry out your skin and hair.

Guests now leave the pool feeling much more refreshed without the harsh effects that ordinary salt water pools leave

The outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen with BBQ, Pizza Oven and cafe bar is ideal for the hands on foodie types. To prepare food outdoors or in your own kitchenette and then toddle off to our Balinese style outdoor dining pavilion is a unique experience.

The Balinese style outdoor eating pavillion!

T Eating or just sitting, relaxing, having a drink, reading or chatting with others, this environment is very, very special indeed.

Relax at Clouds or enjoy the many local attractions!

Clouds of Montville & Maleny is a boutique Eco Resort for adults only. Comprising of five Cottages and four Serviced Apartments set on five acres of the most beautiful Hinterland parklands and looking down on the East Coast of Australia – Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.
Sit back and relax or enjoy nearby shopping, markets, restaurants, art galleries, parks and waterfalls.

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