Vegan and Vegetarian Accommodation at Our Health Retreat Near Sunshine Coast

You can enjoy all Sunshine Coast has to offer while pampering yourself at our health retreat. Clouds of Montville Eco Resort and Spa caters to revitalising you at our health retreat that focuses on vegan and vegetarian fare. When you are not enjoying spa treatments and yoga sessions at our accommodation you can spend your time indulged in the surroundings.

Mindfulness at our Vegetarian Accommodation

We not only provide vegan and vegetarian food while you stay with us, but we also offer courses so you can learn how to live a lifestyle of healthful eating when you return home. Our courses focus on the health benefits of plant-based diets and how to incorporate it into your life.

Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles afford you many benefits such as increased mood. Animal products contain high levels of arachidonic acid which can negatively impact your mood. Plant-based diets contain lower levels, so your mood is better able to stay well-adjusted.

Plant-based diets have been shown to improve some conditions and prevent others such as psoriasis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Vegetarians have a lower incidence of cataracts as well. The lower cholesterol levels from eating more plants decrease the chances of having a stroke, becoming obese, and developing kidney stones.

Many people claim that you need animal products to get all your nutrients, but that isn’t true. What is true is you need to understand what types of plants provide those nutrients. For example, nuts and beans are excellent sources of proteins. Avocados and flaxseeds offer healthful fats, and green leafy vegetables are loaded with calcium. Our 5-session course on mindful eating will teach how to eat for your health.

Vegetarian and vegan diets aren’t just good for you, but they are also great for the environment. It takes ten times more resources to produce meat than it does to produce plant-based food with the same caloric content. Cows and other livestock raised for food contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming by emitting methane. People cut forests to graze the livestock, so they aren’t there to absorb excess carbon dioxide. Choosing locally grown produce that’s in season reduces your footprint even more.

Our Accommodation Is More than a Health Retreat

We offer excellent spa packages, yoga sessions, frisbee golf, a mineral pool, lawn bowl and so much more. You could stay with us and have so much to do you never have to leave the property. However, we encourage you to get out and explore.

Our location is close to all that Sunshine Coast has to offer. Several national parks, rainforests, bushwalks, and other natural sights dot the area. If you don’t get your fill of wildlife at the parks, we are a short drive from Australia Zoo. The surrounding area is full of galleries and unique eateries and shops too.

If you are ready for a holiday of a lifetime contact Clouds of Montville Eco Resort and Spa. Our health retreat, local Sunshine Coast attractions, and vegetarian fare will make us your regular holiday accommodation.

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